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At ICEA we support reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youths by providing positive shared experiences, building enduring relationships and promoting cultural awareness and understanding.

Remote Communities

Youth-run activities in all remote communities are focused on increasing education and opportunities for young people. We run incentive schemes and mentoring programs in local schools and also assist with the organisation of cultural programs and leadership camps.


ICEA Waves

The ICEA Waves Program focuses on engaging Indigenous youths with surfing culture and encouraging the wider community to understand and appreciate Indigenous perspectives of environmental connectedness and sustainability. The program also uses sport to break down cultural barriers and develop familiarity with the ocean, providing a great opportunity for mutual respect building between young Australians.


Marja Mob

The Marja Mob program focusses on increasing the level of awareness of Indigenous culture within the Perth metropolitan community.
This program engages more than 150 young leaders aged between 15 – 17 to assist with organising youth-centric social and awareness-raising activities.